Fat Grafting, Facial Contouring, Rhinoplasty Before & After

Procedure(s): Full Face Fat Grafting, Minor Facial Contouring, Double Chin Fat Removal, and Rhinoplasty

Patient Background: Korean American living in Seoul

Details: Dr. Choi performed all these beauty procedures while also improving the patients breathing. Answer Plastic Surgery is rated at the top for plastic surgeons in Korea.

Areum is a Korean American patient working in Seoul who came in for a facial transformation. In her own words,

“I am tired of everyone asking me if I slept badly or if I am tired. I may look that way but I feel great inside. The only health issue I have is with my breathing. It always feels stuffy when I breathe so if Dr. Choi Min can fix this and make my nose look better, why not?! Lastly, I’m at a healthy weight but my family has a history of double chins. I’m too young to have this look and I want to have smooth, young lines which reflect my personality”.

After the consultation, which included facial design using an imagining system to see what the results would be like, she booked her surgery. She arrived on her surgery day at 9:30 a.m. and got changed into the hospital gown. She had a final consultation with the manager and doctor and then went into the procedure. Remember that before this kind of procedure you should not eat or drink water for  8 hours. So if you schedule a morning surgery then your last bit of food or water should be before you go to bed.

Fat was removed from the back of Areum’s thighs near the buttock, processed and placed in her forehead, sides of the face and other areas which needed it. Fat was removed from the area under the chin using a mini-liposuction technique to give her a younger look. A silicone bridge implant was used to give her nose bridge more height and tip plasty was performed to bring her nose in balance with her face. ***Please note that the nose bridge implant is usually made out of silicone or Gortex.  Gortex is easier to work with for the doctor but it can expand and contract over time meaning the nose can change shape and may be susceptible to movement. Only experts are able to use silicone properly. Dr. Choi Min uses silicone and not Gortex to produce safer and better results. Many of the revision cases Answer Plastic Surgery gets for Rhinoplasty involve a Gortex implant done at other clinics which have moved and so we highly recommend silicone instead***. The internal structure of the nostrils was straightened so she could breathe well, too.  Facial contouring was done via fat grafting and no cutting of bone was necessary.

Areum agreed to let us document her progression and here are the results:



*Full face fat grafting with minor facial contouring

*Double chin removal via mini-liposuction

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