SMAS Lifting

SMAS Lifting

SMAS Lifting Procedure In Korea

What is the SMAS Lifting?

SMAS Lifting is an acronym of Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, referring to an area of the musculature of the face located directly under the facial skin. SMAS controls the movement of the facial muscles. This section is lifted to create a slim and toned face.

Also known as rhytidectomy, Face Lifting is a cosmetic surgical procedure that works against aging. As people age, they experience changes in appearance due to loss of elasticity, flexibility, and fat. Face Lifting creates a more youthful appearance, making you look approximately ten years younger.

This surgery is operated by lifting skin tissues, fatty tissues, and muscles under the hair/hairline or in front of the ears. This reduces the exposure of scars, making them nearly invisible. Additionally removing excess facial skin tissue or sagging skin on the cheeks and jaws through the incisions, you can restore your youthful look through SMAS Lifting at Answer Plastic Surgery.

SMAS Lifting is an operation that pulls the loose skin up against gravity to reform it into an elastic and toned state.  SMAS Lifting can lift your smile line and loose cheeks and therefore bring effects of rejuvenation. Moreover, it creates a beautiful V-line through emphasizing your jawline - one of the main standards of facial beauty.

When you have loose yet thick cheeks and a deep smile line (or any other form of deep wrinkles), SMAS Lifting is the most effective face lifting method. Thus, SMAS Lifting is for people who have relatively serious problems of wrinkles and saggy skins. Through the incisional process at Answer Plastic Surgery, you will not have to worry about lasting effects (it is permanent).

During your consultation with Dr. Choi Min, you will be able to fully describe the results you expect and receive professional input based on your opinions, your current situation, and the golden ratio.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we utilize a specialized microsurgical instrument for the Face Lifting Surgery. The size of the microsurgical instrument is very exquisite, which brings more successful and satisfactory results.

Revision Eye Surgery

It Is Recommended If You...

*want to improve your facial wrinkles

*have saggy cheeks and chins due to aging

*look older than your biological age

*want to recover the elasticity of your skin

Details of the Procedure

Surgery Time: 2 hours (could be different depending on the surgical situation and your health condition)

Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia and Hypnoanesthesia (twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: After 5~7 days

After Surgery Check-ups: 2~3 times

Recovery Time to Daily Activity: 2~3 days (swelling may remain for 2~3 weeks)

Operation Process

SMAS Lifting
SMAS Lifting

At Answer Plastic SurgeryDr. Choi Min not only removes loose skin but also lifts SMAS and epidermis, bringing better and long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If the skin tissue is too saggy, Non-Incision Lifting may not fully bring wanted results. In this case, the unnecessary skin must be removed, which is done through SMAS Lifting.

A: As the desire and attention for beauty have recently increased, more people, regardless of age, are looking for more elastic and toned skin. If you wish to obtain the effects of rejuvenation through a less invasive way, we also recommend Answer Thread Lifting.

If you have had cheek reduction operation but have not brought satisfactory results, come to Answer Plastic Surgery and make sure to receive the results you want.