Forehead Implant

Forehead Implant in Korea

forehead implant

Even with a slim and small face, your facial features may look bland due to a lack of volume (flat profile; side face). Answer Plastic Surgery Korea, Forehead Implant Procedure provides prosthetics personalized to each patient’s forehead, chin and smile line parts, including the shape of a nose and the distance between the eyes. A voluminous face adds youthfulness to your look.

There are two different methods of augmentation: implant or fat grafting. An implant is injected through an incision inside the hairline in order to hide any scars. It not only guarantees permanent results but also maintains its initial shape personalized to match you. This is why we, Answer Plastic Surgery, recommend implants when performing augmentation.

Dr. Choi Min promises you the best results through his numerous experiences with augmentation.

Revision Eye Surgery

Forehead Implant Is Recommended.

  • if you have a dent on your face
  • if you have asymmetrical areas on your face
  • if you want extra volume on your face
  • if you want to give depth to your face
Blunt or Bulbous Tip Correction

Details of the Procedure

Forehead Implant In Korea

Surgery Time: 30 Minutes

Anesthesia: Local with Sedation (Deep Sleep)

Removing stitches: After 1 ~ 2 Weeks

After surgery check-ups: 1 ~ 2 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: After 2 ~ 3 Days

Operation Process

Forehead Implant In Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Unlike the other implant procedures, patients commonly experience symptoms of fluid in the foreheads. Patients are therefore required to wear a compression bandage around the operated area for approximately 3-5 days. We recommend patients to return to their daily activities after removing the bandage.

A: No. We make incisions from the opposite side of the patient’s hair parting, thus making no damage to the hair and creating hardly any distinguishable scar.

A: No worries! Our prosthesis is very thin, precise and custom-made, leaving no signs of surgery no matter what shape you choose.