Short Nose Correction

Short Nose Correction

The Short Nose Correction has been the most challenging part of the history of rhinoplasty. This process is considered to be more challenging for Asians compared to Caucasians due to thicker skin soft tissue envelope and weaker cartilaginous frameworks. Furthermore, most Asian patients additionally require augmentation of the nasal dorsum and projection of the nasal tip, which complicates the short nose correction procedure.

In Short Nose Correction, the most important part is “skillfully lowering the angle of the nasal tip.” In order to do this, various surgical techniques are required. Since most patients are revision patients, the types of cartilages used also vary. Also, the doctor needs to take into consideration the degree of the nose, the density of soft tissues, and the amount of pressure applied to the nasal tip. With years of surgery experiences and know-how. we, Answer Plastic Surgery, promise you the best results.

Operation Method

  • Short Nose Correction is an advanced level procedure that restructures and extends the tip of the nose. 


  • This procedure requires significant caution because if both the skin and cartilage aren't extended enough, the overall shape of the nose won't be in a stable condition.


  • If the skin is overextended, the cartilage may bend due to pressure or shorten. This is why you need a proficient doctor to perform the procedure.

In order to maintain the cartilage after the relocation, we use the order-made artificial cartilage personalized just for you.

Short Nose Correction

Short Nose Correction is Recommended...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an infection for a long period of time, the soft tissues conglutinate (stick). This applies pressure on the cartilage of the nose wing and lifts the entire nose upward. A nose with “distortion” often overexposes the nostrils or outlines the prosthesis.

The cartilage is first excoriated (removed) from the surrounding tissues. Then, it is supported with orthotics after it is repositioned to its proper angle.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we use various techniques for all cases of short nose correction. We generally use personalized artificial cartilages (fixed type; inflexible) or create downward pressure by using ear cartilage (unfixed type; flexible).

Details of the procedure

Short Nose Correction

Surgery Time: 2 Hours

Anesthesia: Local with Sedation (deep sleep)

Removing stitches: after 7 days

After surgery check-ups: 3 ~ 4 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: None (No effect on daily activities)

Before & After

Short Nose Correction
Short Nose Correction
Short Nose Correction