Male Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty

What is a Male Nose Job or Rhinoplasty?

The most popular plastic surgery procedures for men are currently Rhinoplasty and Petite Plastic Surgery including fillers and Botox. However, we, Answer Plastic Surgery, see a wide variety of cases, including liposuction. Even just considering the number of male patients Dr. Choi Min has seen and experienced, it is easy to see that the stigma of men undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments is now in the past; in Seoul, Korea, it is common for men to undergo a wide variety of procedures

There are a few differences between Rhinoplasty for men and Rhinoplasty for women. Generally speaking, unlike the female nose, the male nose looks better when formed into a straight line and when the nose tip is not lifted as high.

In every male nose job, one must prudently understand each patients' nose structure and operate with great precision. We can confidently say that our doctor, Dr. Choi Min, is the doctor who qualifies in every aspect.

Male Rhinoplasty

Men's Rhinoplasty is Recommended...

  • if you have a flat nose
  • if your nostrils are crooked
  • if you want a smooth nose bridge line
  • if you have a nose of bad proportion with your face
  • if you wish to have more depth and dimension in your face

Details of the procedure

Male Rhinoplasty

Surgery Time: 2 Hours

Anesthesia: Local with Anesthesia (deep sleep)

Removing stitches: after 7 days

After surgery check-ups: 3 ~ 4 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: None (No effect on daily activities)

Frequently Asked Questions

 For a female nose, we generally put a curvy line on Nose Bridge and lift the nose tip a bit. However, in men’s Rhinoplasty, too much of curviness on the nose may make you look too feminine and unnatural. Therefore, here at Answer Plastic Surgery, we try to focus on making straight and manly nose by putting more straightness on patient’s nose.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we create very strong and solid support beam by using autogenous cartilage for men's rhinoplasty, preventing distortion or bending even after impact. However, we highly discourage any form of heavy exercise for the first 2 weeks after the surgery until the nasal prosthesis adheres.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi Min not only cares about the aesthetic side of nose surgery but also focuses on proper functioning. Throughout the operation, we carefully rectify any structural and functional distortion (including the inferior nasal concha).

Before and After

Male Rhinoplasty
Male Rhinoplasty
Male Rhinoplasty
Male Rhinoplasty