Chin Implants in Korea

Chin Implant In Korea

Forehead Implant In Korea

A chin that is not proportionally not long enough or underdeveloped is called a “short chin.” This causes a faint chin line or protruded lips, creating a blank, inelegant impression.

Chin Implants Surgery with Answer Plastic Surgery Short Chin Surgery is relatively a simple prosthesis insertion procedure that easily changes your dull chin line into a defined V-line adjusted to the ideal ratio.

 If you have a short chin, you can either insert prosthetics or get filler shots for an improved look. There is no need for hospitalization or removal of stitches due to the melting threads we use at Answer Plastic Surgery. In the shortest time possible, you will be looking in the mirror with the results you have waited for.

Revision Eye Surgery

Short Chin Surgery Is Recommended.

  • if your chin is too small or underdeveloped
  • if your jawline is nearly invisible due to mandibular (lower jaw) dwarfism
  • if you have both protrusion and a short chin
  • if your jaw is too short (disproportionate) compared to your nose
Blunt or Bulbous Tip Correction

Details of the Procedure

Forehead Implant In Korea

Surgery Time : 2 Hours

Anesthesia : Hypnoanesthesia (deep sleep)

Removal of Stitches : None

Post-Surgery Check-Ups : 1~2 Sessions

Recovery Time : None (No effect on daily activities)

Korean Chin Implant Operation Process

Forehead Implant In Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can return to your daily activities right away. As long as you remove your stitches, which will be taken off the day after the surgery, there will be no problem.

A: Many patients worry about the center of the bone caving in during its regrowth, and therefore merging with the prosthetic. However, if the prosthetic is thick enough, it is nearly impossible for it to merge with your bone.

A: At Answer Plastic Surgery, we create a prosthesis personalized just for you. We create the prosthesis through precise measurements of your face proportion, length, and amount of reinforcement needed. Do not worry about the final outcome; it is our job to create the perfect result for you, and we have everything we need to bring it you.

Before & After

Forehead Implant In Korea
Forehead Implant In Korea
Forehead Implant In Korea