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Thread Lifting in korea

Answer Thread Lifting is a non-incisional lifting method. At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi Min performs the operation using special threads and needles. Loose skin is lifted and wrinkles are toned by tightening surrounding soft tissues and muscles under the targeted skin. Tightening surrounding soft tissues also stimulates your blood supply, creating firmer facial skin. Answer Thread Lifting produces a more youthful and voluminous look and additionally restores firmness.

Thread Lifting at Answer Plastic Surgery is a relatively simple, easy, and low-risk operation; it guarantees reduced recovery time and a very low risk of scarring, bruising and bleeding. Even if you are very busy with your daily life, you can return to daily life soon after the operation.

Many 25-55 years old women choose Answer Thread Lifting because it lifts loose skin very quickly. The result lasts around One and a half years to 2 years.

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Answer Thread Lifting is Recommended if You...

*Surgery Time: 30 minutes

*Anesthesia: Local anesthesia and Hypnoanesthesia (twilight anesthesia)

*Removing Stitches: After 5~7 days

*After Surgery Check-ups: 2~3 times

*Recovery Time To Daily Activity: 2~3 days

Details of the Procedure

Surgery Time: 1 hour

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesia (Twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: after 7 days

After Surgery Check-ups: 5 times

Recovery Time To Daily Activity: 1~2 days

Operation Process

Thread Lifting In Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Thread lifting is used in various surgeries. Generally, lifting done by through several stitchings may cause recurrence. However, Answer Thread Lifting utilizes a special thread which hangs on a skin structure to pull the facial skin up at Answer Plastic Surgery. This special method gives you longer-lasting results.

A: As the desire and attention for beauty have recently increased, more people are looking for more elastic and toned skin. You can obtain the effects of rejuvenation by Answer Thread Lifting. If you have done the cheek reduction operation but still have drooping cheek skin, you can fix the problem and get the right amount of lifting through Answer Plastic Surgery.

Thread Lifting - Before & After

Thread Lifting In Korea

Smile line and V-line; no visible scar other than small holes around smile line and jawline

When you compare the before and after photos, you can definitely see how the skin is lifted after Answer Thread Lifting surgery. The holes may initially seem a little hollow, but it will soon expand and return to its correct position.