Revision Eye Surgery

Revision Eye Surgery

What is Revision Eye Surgery?

If you are not satisfied with the results of your previous procedure, you can consider revisional surgery. Revision surgery requires more effort and skill, so it’s important to choose a surgeon with advanced surgical skill and know-how. Based on his extensive experience as a surgeon, Dr. Choi analyzes the causes of surgical failure and provides the best solution for each individual revision case.

Cases of the failed procedures:

  1. Double eyelid line is too high
  2. Double eyelid line looks swollen (like a sausage)
  3. Double eyelid lines are different heights
  4. Released double eyelid line
  5. Double eyelid line is too low
  6. Double eyelid line gives you a sleepy look
  7. Visible scars
  8. Unsatisfying double eyelids
  9. Unable to close the eyes completely
Revision Eye Surgery

Each patient case is different, so you may consult with Dr. Choi to choose the best option for your Revision Eye Surgery.

Revision surgery is recommended, if you... 

  • Have released double eyelids
  • Have asymmetrical eyes
  • Have different heights of double eyelids
  • Wish to change the shape of double eyelids
  • Have remaining swelling
  • Have visible scars from previous surgery
Revision Eye Surgery

Details of the procedure

Surgery Time: 1 hour (could be changed depending on a patient's health condition and the surgical situation)

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesgia (twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: After 4~6 days

After Surgery Check-ups: Twice

Recovery Time To Daily Activity: None

Revision Eye Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How are thick double eyelids fixed?

The height of the double eyelid crease has to be lowered down through Revision surgery. If the skin of the upper eyelids is thick enough to make new double eyelids, Dr. Choi then designs the new double eyelid lines. If the skin is not thick enough, then the new double eyelids are made under the existing double eyelids.

One of my eyes is bigger than the other eye. How can it be fixed?

Asymmetric eyes could occur because of surgical design that's given to each different eye or due to the difference in eye-opening forces.

If the design is different, then the design can be fixed by Revision Eye surgery.

If the opening eye forces are different, then Ptosis correction should be performed to strengthen the eye-opening forces.

I previously have had Double Eyelid surgery but it has been released. What should I do?

People who have had double eyelid surgery and the double eyelids are released. The reason is either one of following:

There are thick soft tissues on the upper eyelids

There is a weak eye-opening force

You have worn thick lenses

You have protruding eyes

You rub your eyes frequently

When can I receive Revision Eye surgery?

We recommends waiting at least 6 months after your primary eye surgery before considering revision surgery. We also recommend you consult with Dr. Choi about your concerns to determine if Revision Surgery is an option for you.

Before and After

Revision Eye Surgery
Revision Eye Surgery
Revision Eye Surgery
Revision Eye Surgery
Revision Eye Surgery



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