Nose Hump Removal

Hump Nose Removal

What is Hump Nose Removal?

People with a humped nose may have heard that their look is fierce or that they give strong impressions to people. A hump nose is a nose with a bump in the center of the nose bridge. When surgically correcting a humped nose, bones and cartilages are trimmed off. It is important to meet an experienced doctor because, in the process of bone and cartilage removal, the center of the nose may collapse, or may result in an uneven surface.

Preventing bone regrowth is the key-point in correcting hump noses.  Thus, operations must be customized to each patients' noses.

Regrowth of the hump should be prevented. Moreover, revision cases may occur or you feel unsatisfied if there's too much of everything - including not considering individual's nose shape, excessive use of prosthesis and unsuitable angle (too high). When an excess of bone and cartilage is carved off, the center of the nose may sink or have a bumpy surface. There's a high possibility that you'll get infected thus in order to prevent all these nasty things from happening,  you should be checking the information first and consulting with experienced surgeons is necessary.

Details of the procedure

Surgery Time: 2 Hours

Anesthesia: Local with Sedation (deep sleep)

Removing stitches: after 7 days

After surgery check-ups: 3 ~ 4 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: None (No effect on daily activities)

Operation Method

Hump Nose Removal

If the middle of the forehead is low

After cutting the bump, lengthening the nasal tip is proceeded. Implantation of prosthesis or cartilage is needed to achieve a balanced nose – balancing the nose tips and nose bridge (golden ratio)

If the middle of the forehead is high

As the center of the forehead is already high, no other prosthesis is used in the process. After incising the hump, prevent nose tips from drooping. If the nose bone is wide, trimming off the nose bone is also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

A) There's a possibility of your hump re-growing. Thus, prevention of re-growth is vital.

A) If the middle of the forehead is high, you don't have to insert extra materials. However if it's the other case, the prosthesis should be inserted to balance the angle of the nasal tips and the bridge.

A) Most of the times, people with hump nose tend to have wide bones. Although it may not look that way externally, people do have wide bones. If the bone is not trimmed, even after surgery there would be no difference. If this is not the case, fracturing can be ignored.

Before and After

Hump Nose Removal
Hump Nose Removal
Hump Nose Removal
Hump Nose Removal