Upper Eye Surgery / Upper Eye Blepharoplasty

Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea

What is Upper eyelid surgery or upper eye Blepharoplasty?

Answer's Upper eye surgery in Korea or upper Blepharoplasty removes loose skin, unnecessary fat, and muscles to create a clearer and brighter shape to the eyes. 

When people are aging, the skin on the eyelids becomes looser due to eye movement. Thus, Upper Blepharoplasty surgery is mainly for middle-aged people. When the muscles are weak, the skin of the upper eyelids covers the eyes which also inhibits sight and leads to droopy looking eyes. The droopy eyes tend to cover the pupils and cause ocular problems. In order to solve this functional problem, the skin of the upper eyelids is reshaped. This process removes any loose or unnecessary skin on the upper eyelids.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi is experienced in various eye cases. Based on his experience and surgical skill, Dr. Choi achieves the most balanced and suitable operation for each patient.

We recommended this procedure, if you...

  • Have unclear double eyelids due to the droopy eyelids
  • Have severely loose eyelids which make you look older
  • Have droopy eyelids which obscure sight
  • Have thick skin which creates undefined eyes
Revision Eye Surgery

Details of the procedure

Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea

Surgery Time: 1 hour

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesia (twilight anestheisa)

Removing Stitches: After 7 days

After Surgery Check-ups: 3~4 times

Recovery Time To Daily Acitivity: None

Operation Process

Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea

1.During the consultation, you can talk about what you want to achieve through this surgery and Dr. Choi makes a decision of personalized design

2. During the surgery, you will be under the anesthesia and fat is removed firstly to make a space to connect the eyelid to the muscles

3.Stitches up

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Double Eyelid surgery is simply to create double eyelids. Upper Blepharoplasty surgery is to create double eyelids and remove unnecessary fats and muscles and lift the loosened skin up.

A: Eyebrow Lift surgery is to cut the thick skin under the eyebrow to remove the loose skin. Upper Blepharoplasty surgery, however, is done to remove loose skin right above the double eyelid through incisions. Eyebrow Lift surgery cannot be performed if the distance between eyebrow and eyes are too close.

A: When skin becomes loose, people tend to use the muscle force of their forehead to raise the skin up. There is no muscle on the outside of the eyes, so people cannot use their muscle force. Thus, the skin on the outside of the eyes loosens faster.

A: Yes. Recently, there is a tendency that younger people developing droopy upper eyelids due to excessive use of double eyelid tape, for example. In this case, young people also can consider Upper Blepharoplasty.

Before and After

Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea
Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea
Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea
Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea
Upper Blepharoplasty in Korea