Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

A curved nose may bring both aesthetic and functional imbalance to your facial profile. Individuals can either be born with a deviated nose or develop it by injury due to trauma or accident. It usually affects the nasal septum, the middle part of the nose made of cartilage, separating the nasal passage into the left and right sides. Sometimes, a deviated nasal septum does not cause any external deformity, but it does cause various medical complications such as breathing problems, recurring nosebleeds, and other sinus issues. However, in some cases, a deviated septum can cause a crooked- or curved-appearing nose. Answer Plastic Surgery can correct both issues by correcting the deviated septum through a procedure called Septoplasty and straightening the nose line through Rhinoplasty.

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

The nasal bone and cartilage determine the nose’s shape. Therefore, the surgical method of nose correction will differ depending on what part is affected. For example, if the nasal bone is crooked, the excess bone will be trimmed off through an osteotomy, while if the cartilage is curved, the nose line will be repositioned to a straighter and smoother line. At Answer Plastic Surgery, we use the Golden Ratio of Rhinoplasty as a guide to designing the ideal nose that best suits your face. According to this guideline, the ideal nose measurements depend on the angle between one’s nose bridge and forehead, nose tip, and upper lip. The ideal height from the forehead to the nose bridge measures 115° ~ 130° angle. And between the nose tip and the upper lip, the ideal angle is at 95° ~ 100°.

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

Through accurate measurements and our Virtual Simulation, Dr. Choi provides a before-and-after image of your nose during the consultation to give you a better understanding of the procedure and an overview of the surgery. Dr. Choi will perform a nasal examination and analyze your condition to form a treatment plan to achieve the best results.

What is Curved Nose Rhinoplasty?

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty involves shaving off the bone or repositioning the nose bridge to a straighter line. Since the nose comprises of bone and cartilage, correcting a curved nose will depend on what part is affected and what caused it. In minor cases where a bent nose occurs because of external shock, it is usually corrected with osteotomy and sometimes inserting an implant or cartilage to even and smoothen the nose line. On the other hand, if the cartilage in the middle of the nose is severely bent, the deviation is corrected by repositioning the bridge in a straight line. Often a crooked nose causes the nasal septum to deviate and enlarge the nasal conchae or turbinates, resulting in breathing difficulties and nosebleeds. Dr. Min Choi corrects both these issues through rhinitis surgery or septoplasty accompanied by rhinoplasty. 

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

A deviated nose requires precise diagnosis because the nasal bone, cartilage, and septum can all be affected. Dr. Min Choi is an expert surgeon with years of experience in rhinoplasty procedures. He will examine the internal nasal septum and choose the appropriate method to be used to achieve an attractive nose line and improve one’s breathing. Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic promises to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional nose for you with the help of our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and the extensive training of our medical team.

Good Candidates for Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

  1. Patients with an unpleasant-looking nose due to its distorted shape.
  2. Patients who have a curved nose due to an injury.
  3. Patients with facial asymmetry due to a curved or crooked nose.
  4. Patients with chronic hypertrophic rhinitis due to a deviated septum.
  5. Patients who want a smooth and straight nose line.

Curved Nose Surgery Method

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty General Surgery Details

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

After your surgery, the nose will undergo significant changes in the first 2 to 12 weeks. You will notice significant swelling and bruising in the surgical area. Taping the bridge of the nose and the supra-tip area (the area above the nose tip) can significantly reduce postoperative swelling. Gentle pressure from the tape can help ‘press’ out some of the swellings that result from trapped fluids in the tissues. More importantly, the pressure causes the collagen fibers in the scar tissue to become more organized, reducing the volume of the swollen area. The recovery period for this procedure is about one week until you can get off all your taping. Check out more aftercare tips on our General Instructions Before And After Nose Surgery page.

Why Choose Answer Plastic Surgery?

Answer Plastic Surgery invests in advanced diagnostic equipment to help the plastic surgeon provide precise measurements when making a personalized plan for the patient. At Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic, a Virtual Simulation is used to view your pre-surgery appearance and what it would look like after the procedure. This helps you understand the surgery better and can be a deciding factor if you do want to undergo a nose job procedure in Korea. Here, at Answer Plastic Surgery, we also use personalized (autologous) cartilage and silicone implants in combination with more advanced surgical techniques.

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty
  1. Customized Implants and Cartilage

A unique feature offered by Answer Plastic Surgery to our patients is the suitable cartilage and customized implants used for rhinoplasty procedures. We provide various choices of implants and cartilage and optimize our options depending on the condition of the patient’s nose. We carefully assess if our patients need a combination of different materials and choose what type of cartilage helps to obtain better results. We also consider the nose’s aesthetic and functional aspects before recommending what is best for the patient.

2. Precise Surgical Incisions Made with Micro-Surgical Instruments

Dr. Choi expertly minimizes the appearance of scars after surgery by utilizing micro-surgical instruments that can hold suture threads precisely and make it easier to perform delicate suturing in such a narrow area. This device is used for externally exposed scars, tissue transplantation, and suturing inside the nose to achieve the best results. The incision does not go all over the nostril; instead, it is carefully done between them (middle part) so that scars become almost invisible with time.

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

3. A Pre-Surgery Visualization of the Nose

Answer Plastic Surgery also offers our patients a visual simulation of how they would look after undergoing Curved Nose Rhinoplasty with us. Therefore, we can create a more customized treatment plan to provide highly satisfactory results.

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

4. A Harmonized and Proportional Overall Appearance

Answer Plastic Surgery prioritizes our patients’ preferences and recommends the best methods to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Setting realistic and attainable expectations is also vital to producing better results. We ensure that your nose balances your overall facial features, making you look more natural and attractive.

5. Affordable and cost-effective surgical procedures

Answer Plastic Surgery offers the most reasonable price for your curved nose rhinoplasty procedure. The cost of one procedure starts at 4,700 USD, including fees for the surgery, anesthesia, and facility equipment. However, the treatment’s overall price depends on the surgery’s complexity and length and the patient’s nose condition.  

6. Answer’s “Safe-Hospital” System

Answer Plastic Surgery utilizes an optimized anesthetic system, where nose procedures are done under sedation to numb the pain and decrease the patient’s discomfort during and after surgery. Emergency medicines and medical devices are also on standby during surgery in our fully equipped facility.

7. Quality Recovery Management System

Answer Plastic Surgery ensures fast recovery and high satisfaction with our differentiated aftercare system. Click here to check how to prepare before and after your rhinoplasty surgery with the help of our aftercare treatment package.

Before & After Answer’s Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

Curved Nose Rhinoplasty
Curved Nose Rhinoplasty
Curved Nose Rhinoplasty
Curved Nose Rhinoplasty

Check out more of Answer Plastic Surgery’s excellent results on our Youtube Channel! Experience the change you deserve. With Answer Plastic Surgery, successful outcomes are guaranteed so you can focus on your recovery.


The human face is not 100% symmetrical, meaning one side may be larger than the other.  Therefore, some degree of asymmetry exists in everyone. However, it does not imply a perfect nose is required to emphasize your facial features. Answer Plastic Surgery analyzes what nose shape best suits your profile using a Virtual Simulation. To correct a deviated nose, we not only shave off the distorted nasal bone but also reposition the cartilage if necessary.

Individuals with a crooked nose often have rhinitis. If the nasal septum is bent, it may cause the enlargement of the nasal conchae or turbinates, which can cause breathing problems, frequent infections, and nosebleeds – the main symptoms of hypertrophic rhinitis. Therefore both problems must be treated accordingly to prevent nasal airway obstruction. At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Min Choi corrects curved noses and additionally treats hypertrophic rhinitis conditions, bringing satisfying results to both beauty and bodily functions.

No, it is not necessary to undergo an osteotomy to correct one’s curved nose. Since each patient has their own customized treatment plan, not all procedures are done the same way. Osteotomy is not performed for all bent nose surgeries. If the bone is distorted or wide, an osteotomy is performed to create a straight nose line. However, if only the cartilage is curved, an osteotomy is unnecessary.

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Curved Nose Rhinoplasty