Protrusion correction

Protrusion correction

What is Protrusion Correction?

Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition usually defined as protrusive and proclined (lean forward) upper and lower incisors (front teeth). It is commonly observed in African-American and Asian populations, but it is seen in almost every ethnic group. Because of the negative perception in most cultures, many patients with bimaxillary protrusion seek orthodontic care to decrease the gradient.

 The main goal of Protrusion Correction is to improve patient’s mouth by extracting four premolars followed by retraction of anterior teeth using a special medical technique. This process significantly refines your look and impression.

Protrusion Correction is Recommended...

  • If your mouth is bulging out
  • If you don’t have volume in upper philtrum
  • If you have short chin
  • If you want to treat bimaxillary prognathism but hesitant to have orthognathic surgery
Protrusion correction

Operation Method

Through protrusion correction, you will have a more “sophisticated look”. The procedure operates either through the inner parts of the mouth or nose.

Usually, protrusion correction operates with Nose surgery, but you may get the procedure by itself (if necessary.) At Answer Plastic Surgery, We promise you the best results with our special know-how that we have gained over countless years of surgery experience.

Details of the procedure

Operation Time: 30~40 minutes

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesia (Twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: After 5~7 days

After Surgery Check-ups: Twice

Recovery Time To Daily Activity: Available for daily life after 1~2 weeks

General Information

Protrusion correction

1.You consult with Dr. Choi about double eyelid design so he utilizes a virtual form to customize the design of the double eyelid

2.During the operation, unnecessary fats and muscles are removed to prevent drooping eyes

3.The elevating muscles and upper eyelid are connected to form double eyelid line

4.Suture the wound after the operation

Frequently Asked Questions

 In protrusion correction, carving is not included; a prosthesis is inserted to correct protrusion.

The prosthesis can be injected either into the nose or mouth. When the patient wants to correct their nose and mouth, the prosthesis is inserted through the nose. However, when patients only want to fix protrusion(nose only), the prosthesis is injected through the mouth.

Silicon is most commonly used. The sense of irritation depends on the thickness of the material. Even though the prosthesis may be thick at first, it will feel like your skin after a period of adjustment.

Before and After

Protrusion correction
Protrusion correction