Square Jaw Reduction

Square Jaw Reduction

Square Jaw Reduction is a procedure of trimming a square or angulated chin into a slim and smooth jawline. 

It is considered a high level procedure due to several factors interlinked with this procedure. First, patients who receive this surgery often also have an asymmetrical face, which requires different techniques and approaches throughout the surgery.

Also, doctors must take extreme caution not to damage the patient’s nerve system. Therefore, square jaw reduction is a procedure only recommended for patients who really need it

Unlike the existing methods that only excise the mandibular part, Answer Plastic Surgery performs surgery from the angulus mandibulae (angle of jaw) to the end of the jaw, thus creating a more balanced, perfect V-line.

You will know you are in good hands when you come to Answer Plastic Surgery; we continue to research and advance our techniques to bring the best and safest results for you.

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Square Jaw Reduction is Recommended...

  • if your lower jaw is wide and round
  • if your jaw-line is flat
  • if your jaw is longer in proportion to the rest of your face
  • if your side jaw-line looks angular
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Details of the Procedure

Square Jaw Reduction

Surgery Time: 2 Hours

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia (deep sleep)

Removing stitches: After 1 ~ 2 Weeks

After surgery check-ups: 2 ~ 3 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: After 1 ~ 2 Weeks

Operation Process

Square Jaw Reduction

Step 1: Personalized design through analysis of facial bone structure

Step 2: Dissection through mouth; removal of jaw bone

Step 3: Resection of cortical bone and minimization of jaw muscle (if necessary)

Step 4: Final touches and stitches

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Here at Answer Plastic Surgery, we carefully examine the location of each individual's nerve system by taking CT scans before the procedure, thus minimizing any possibility of neural damage.

A: There are two different methods for Square Jaw Reduction: incision through the back of the ear or through the mouth. If we make an incision through the back of the ear, it may reduce recovery time but have limits due to the shorter incision length, allowing less room for the best results. On the other hand, a method that makes an incision through mouth has longer recovery time-approximately two to four weeks-but shows fine effect.

A: It is possible that once you get cheekbone reduction, your chin may look relatively bigger in proportion due to your reduced cheekbones. In this case, the Square Jaw Reduction will bring balance to your facial ratio. However, it does not mean that every patient who gets cheekbone reduction needs to get Square Jaw Reduction.

A: Not at all. Answer Square Jaw Reduction precisely grasps the locations of all the nerves before the surgery and minimizes any other possible problems which may occur throughout your surgery.

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