Cheekbone Reduction

Cheekbone Reduction in Korea

Cheekbone Reduction in Korea

Cheekbone reduction is a procedure for smoothing the lines of wide cheekbones. More specifically, osteotomy on both the front and back sides of the prominent cheekbone in order to correctly and safely create a smooth bone surface.

Cheekbone reduction is operated through an incision on the scalp, which makes the scar barely visible and allows you to quickly return to your daily activities. Your face will look smaller and have better proportions. 

Revision Eye Surgery

Cheek Bone Reduction is Recommended

  • if you have prominent cheekbones
  • if you have cheekbones that are too large or wide
  • if your face looks uneven from the frontal view
  • if you have asymmetric cheekbones
Blunt or Bulbous Tip Correction

General Information

Cheekbone Reduction in Korea

Surgery Time : 20 ~ 30 Minutes

Anesthesia : Hypnoanesthesia (deep sleep)

Removal of Stitches : After 5 ~ 7 Days

Post-Surgery Check-Ups : 2 ~ 3 Sessions

Recovery Time : None (No effect on daily activities)

Operation Process

Cheekbone Reduction in Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can return to your daily activities right away. However, we recommend 2-3 days of rest so that the swelling may go down.

A: Unlike other clinics, Answer Plastic Surgery’s cheekbone reduction procedure leaves partial adhesion between the skin and the bone, leaving you with nearly no skin laxity. If you lack facial volume prior to the surgery, you can also choose to get face lifting along with cheekbone reduction.

A: Answer Plastic Surgerys cheekbone reduction is an advanced procedure that dramatically reduces possible side-effects. Until now, there has not been a patient from Answer Plastic Surgery who filed a complaint due to any side-effects or their final results.

(Possible side-effects: neurological damage, skin laxity, nonunion, trismus, and dysesthesia)

A: Answer Quick Cheekbone Reduction naturally yet firmly holds the bone, thus minimize the possibility of dislocation or recurrence.

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 Cheekbone Reduction In Korea

Cheekbone Reduction in Korea