Under Eye Fat Removal & Repositioning

Under Eye Fat Removal & Repositioning

What is Under Eye Fat Repositioning?

Answer's Under Eye Fat Repositioning Surgery is designed to remove the lacrimal groove and improve the dullness of the eyes. The lacrimal groove is removed by opening the bulging area under the eyes and relocating fats. The incisions are made on the inner corner under the eyes. So, scars are not visible and recover is quick. Additionally, Under Eye Fat Repositioning Surgery is very effective to overcome dark circles because repositioning fats creates a clear shape under the eyes.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi customizes this procedure for each individual. So, you will achieve the most suitable shape for your own eyes. The clinic medical team analyzes the thickness and the deflection of the fats under the eyes and performs personalized surgery. The operation takes approximately 30 minutes. Even if you are a very busy lifestyle, you can easily get this operation.

We recommended this procedure, if you...

  • Have serious dark circles
  • Have eye bags or excessive fat under the eyes
  • Look dull or sickly due to dark circles
  • Cannot hide your dark circles well with concealer
Revision Eye Surgery

Details of the procedure

Under Eye Fat Removal & Repositioning

Operation Time: 30 minutes

Anesthesia: Hypoanesthesia (Twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: None

After Surgery Check-ups: 1~2 times

Recovery Time To Daily Activity: None

Operation Process

Under Eye Fat Removal & Repositioning

1.During the consultations, Dr. Choi analyzes the bulging fat and the lacrimal groove in order to achieve the best result of the operation

2.During the surgery, firstly make an incision under the upper eyelid to relocate the fat pocket and remove some unnecessary fat under the eye

3.Suture the wound after the surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Under Eye Fat Removal is a relatively simple operation to remove fats out of the fat pocket which are creating eye bags. Under Eye Fat Repositioning surgery is a relatively different operation, to separate the ligaments in the lacrimal groove and place the fat pockets between them, filling in any sunken spaces.

A: If you do not have a large lacrimal groove but your fat pocket bulges toward your skin under the eyes, it can be improved by removing some of the fats under your eyes.

However, if you remove the fat under your eyes even if you have a lot of lacrimal grooves, it may look fine in the beginning, but it can become more hollow over time.

A: No. The procedure ensures that the area under eyes is evenly spread out, under the cornea, thus preventing recurrence.

Before and After

Under Eye Fat Removal & Repositioning