Dual Canthoplasty

(Epi+Lateral Canthoplasty)

Dual Canthoplasty (Epi+Lateral Canthoplasty)

What is Dual Canthoplasty Surgery?

Dual Canthoplasty is a procedure combination of Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty.

Epicanthoplasty is focused on the inner corner of the eyes and Lateral Canthoplasty is focused on the outer corner of the eyes. Therefore, Dual Canthoplasty generally solves the stuffy eyes. You can receive Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canhoplasty at the same time to amplify the effect. Your eyes will become so much brighter and clearer with horizontally and vertically larger without any stuffy impression.

This procedure is recommended, if you...

  • have the Mongolian fold
  • have a stuffy impression
  • want to increase the length of horizontal and vertical lines of the eyes
Revision Eye Surgery

Details of the procedure

Dual Canthoplasty (Epi+Lateral Canthoplasty)

Surgery Time: 30 minutes ~ 1 hour

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or Hypnoanesthesia (=twilight anesthesia)

Removing Stitches: After 5 days and 9 days

After Surgery Check-ups: Twice

Recovery Time To Daily Activity: None

Operation Process

Dual Canthoplasty (Epi+Lateral Canthoplasty)
Dual Canthoplasty (Epi+Lateral Canthoplasty)
  1. During the consultation, you and Dr. Choi consult and design the most suitable shape of the eyes through the Dual Canthoplasty

2. You will be under twilight anesthesia and incisions are made first to enlarge the size of the eyes horizontally and vertically

3.Your eyes are extended and fixed with stitches