Forehead Implant Surgery

Even with beautiful features such as a slim and small face, the face may still look flat and imbalanced due to a lack of volume. Sometimes, a flat forehead makes the overall facial features look unsophisticated and bland. Answer Plastic Surgery in Korea offers Forehead Implant Surgery to fill in the volume of the face creating a more natural and attractive appearance. It also gives you a beautiful side profile and a more balanced face line.  We provide only suitable implants customized to each patient’s forehead. We also perform implant augmentation on the chin and smile line to create a more proportional look. We factor in the shape of your nose and the distance between the eyes using the Golden Ratio constant to give you the best results. We help you achieve a voluminous face to add youthfulness to your overall profile.

Forehead Implant Surgery

Forehead Implant Surgery gives you a better look by adding volume to your flat forehead. Answer Plastic Surgery in South Korea performs a series of techniques and internationally standardized surgical procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It will also depend on your condition upon consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Min Choi. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Choi customizes a treatment plan and carefully performs the procedure to produce minimal side effects and fast recovery.

Answer Plastic Surgery in South Korea provides the best medical services at the most affordable price. Our fully equipped facility has the most advanced medical devices and equipment to help you achieve a youthful and vibrant appearance. Visit or schedule an appointment with us to know if you are eligible for Forehead Implant Surgery.

What is Forehead Implant Surgery?

There are two different methods of augmentation: implant and fat grafting. These procedures can be performed on other parts of the face and body. Aside from the breasts and buttocks, the forehead is also one of the most common places for implant insertion and fat grafting. An implant is usually inserted via an incision inside the hairline to hide scars after surgery. On the other hand, fat grafting involves injecting autologous fat taken from the patient’s abdomen or thighs to increase volume. However, Forehead Augmentation via implant insertion is highly recommended because it guarantees permanent results and maintains its shape and form personalized to match your forehead for a longer duration of time after surgery.

Forehead Implant Surgery

Even if your face is small and slim, your facial profile may appear flat; thus, it can make your face look spread out or wide due to lack of volume. Answer Plastic Surgery creates a forehead line that considers the nose’s shape and the forehead’s height using personalized implants. Our plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Min Choi, customizes the surgical method best suited to each individual. Answer’s Forehead surgery is performed by inserting a suitable implant into the patient’s forehead. Unlike fat grafting, it has the advantage of not being absorbed and maintaining its shape for a long time. We will help you get a voluminous forehead through our implant augmentation surgery. If you are hesitant to go with the surgery, schedule a consultation with us, and we will help you decide what is best for you.

Good Candidates for Forehead Implant Surgery

Patients with the following conditions are highly recommended to undergo Forehead Implant Augmentation. If you are still deciding, you can start by booking an online consultation with us to know if you are eligible for the procedure.

  1. Patients with flat foreheads, ill-defined facial features, or deformities.
  2. Patients with facial asymmetry.
  3. Patients who want to add more volume to their forehead.
  4. Patients who want to correct and improve the shape of their forehead.
  5. Patients who have protruded eyebrow ridges, which makes the forehead look sunken.

Forehead Implant Surgery Details

Forehead Implant Surgery

Forehead Implant Surgery Method

Forehead Implant Surgery

Dr. Min Choi diagnoses the patient’s overall features before formulating a surgical treatment plan. A small incision is made on the scalp to insert the implant. After the stitches are removed, the scar is almost invisible as it is covered by hair.

Why Choose Answer Plastic Surgery?

Forehead Implant Surgery

Answer promises you a dramatic change for the better. We value your happiness and guarantee that your treatment plan has a hint of your touch. With your aesthetic goals and realistic expectations, we ensure that you are carefully guided to achieve the best outcome you deserve. At Answer Plastic Surgery, we work together to conceptualize the best treatment plan and realize it according to your needs.

1. Direct consultation with the head surgeon

Dr. Min Choi, our head plastic surgeon, will carefully evaluate your facial features and overall condition during an all-inclusive and one-on-one consultation with him.

2. Personalized Implants for Forehead Augmentation Surgery

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients only the best options for their surgery such as customized implants that can maintain their shape and form for a long duration of time after surgery. We consider the face’s aesthetic and functional aspects before recommending what is best for the patient.

3. Precise Surgical Incisions Made with Micro-Surgical Instruments

Dr. Choi expertly minimizes the appearance of scars after surgery by utilizing micro-surgical instruments that can hold suture threads precisely and make it easier to perform delicate suturing in such a narrow and delicate area. General instruments are large in size, which limits movement within a narrow space, making it difficult to work with precision. However, micro-surgical instruments are small in size, allowing for more fine and detailed work. By using instruments used in microscopic surgery, Dr. Choi reduces errors of even 1 mm during surgery.

Forehead Implant Surgery

4. Affordable surgical procedures

Answer Plastic Surgery ensures a cost-effective approach to help you attain your aesthetic goals. The average cost of a forehead implant surgery at our clinic starts at 2,000 USD. It covers the specialist’s fees, anesthesia, facility equipment, follow-up check-ups, and aftercare services. However, the overall cost may vary depending on the surgery time and the complexity of the method.

5. Answer’s “Safe-Hospital” System

Answer Plastic Surgery has an optimized anesthetic system to ensure the patient a painless operation. We also have well-built facility rooms, essential emergency medicines on standby, and highly advanced medical equipment for an efficient treatment course.

6. Excellent Recovery Management System

We ensure that our patients recover quickly through our differentiated aftercare system. This approach minimizes swelling and scarring and also reduces downtime after surgery.

Answer’s Aftercare Plan

Forehead Implant Surgery

You may experience swelling and bruising after the surgery, but don’t worry; this is a natural occurrence. The main swelling will eventually fade after 4 – 5 days. We will provide ice packs so the swelling can subside faster.

Forehead Implant Surgery

We ensure you get everything you need while resting in our recovery room. Our staff will continuously check up on you as you rest for a few hours after your surgery. We provide you with pumpkin porridge and juice to help you recover faster (Kindly inform us if you have any food allergies and dislikes so we can cater accordingly to your needs).

Forehead Implant Surgery

Dr. Choi will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to prevent infection and treat pain after surgery. Follow-up visits are required for suture removal, final evaluation, and progress checks.

Forehead Implant Surgery

Please avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 4 weeks after your surgery, as these may affect your recovery and results.

Forehead Implant Surgery

We recommend sleeping on your back and using 2-3 soft pillows to have your head elevated.

Before & After Answer’s Men’s Rhinoplasty

Forehead Implant Surgery
Forehead Implant Surgery
Forehead Implant Surgery

Check out our YouTube Channel for more of Answer Plastic Surgery’s excellent results! See the difference when you choose Answer Plastic Surgery as your clinic for your cosmetic surgery needs.


Unlike other implant surgeries, forehead implant augmentation procedures often involve swelling in the early stages of recovery. Patients will likely experience swelling in the forehead, thus wearing a compression bandage for 3 to 5 days is required to significantly reduce post-operative swellings. When the bandage is removed after a comprehensive progress check during one of your follow-up visits, you can now return to your daily activities.

No. The incisions are made into the scalp near the hairline, thus making no damage to the hairline and creating hardly any distinguishable scars. Moreover, Dr. Min Choi uses micro-surgical instruments to make precise incisions even in narrow and delicate areas such as the hairline. With these instruments, scars are almost invisible after surgery.

No, because our implants are made of thin yet durable material. They are safe and last for a long period of time, thus replacing the silicone implant is not necessary. They are in a custom-made size and shape according to the patient’s forehead measurements so they will perfectly fit. Thus, it is barely noticeable to the naked eye which gives you a more aesthetic and pleasant appearance.

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Forehead Implant Surgery

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