Men’s Rhinoplasty

Men and women are biologically different, from facial structures to physical builds. Thus, the approach towards each procedure usually varies between men and women. Recently, men are taking more interest in caring for their skin and appearance. With the modern technology advancements and expanded skills of plastic surgeons, many procedures are made available for men. Here at Answer Plastic Surgery, we provide a wide range of procedures for men, including liposuction, blepharoplasty, face lifting, and non-invasive surgeries (Petite Plastic Surgery) like fillers and botox. However, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries chosen by the male population as the nose is the center of the face, and men usually want to highlight a well-kept yet masculine appearance. Moreover, the   when men undergo plastic surgery are gradually decreasing, considering the number of male patients Dr. Min Choi has assessed and encountered to perform plastic surgery.

Men’s Rhinoplasty

We use the Golden Ratio at Answer Plastic Surgery to guide the surgeon to make the precise measurements to suit your face. The ideal facial measurements will differ since men and women have different facial structures. However, the Golden Ratio constant, 1.618, remains the sole standard for calculating the perfect length and width between each part of the face.

Men’s Rhinoplasty

Dr. Min Choi not only relies on the Golden Ratio to make accurate measurements but also listens to the patient’s concerns and carefully assesses their facial features to develop a personalized surgical plan. Dr. Choi also provides a comprehensive consultation to give you a better understanding and an overview of the surgery. He also performs accurately to ensure minimal side effects so you can recover quickly.

What is Rhinoplasty for Men?

Unlike women, men have a more prominent and broad nasal bridge, more defined and straight facial lines, and thick skin. All these factors must be accounted for when preparing a personalized rhinoplasty procedure plan for male patients. Most cases involve improving facial asymmetry, correcting the nose bridge, bulbous nasal tip, and the overall nose size and shape to create a more masculine appearance that complements the other facial features.

Men’s Rhinoplasty

Generally speaking, unlike the female nose, the ideal male nose features a prominent, straight nose bridge and a 90-degree angle nasal tip projecting to the upper lip. A male nose job must be customized according to a man’s facial features. Thus, in every male rhinoplasty, one must prudently understand each patient’s nose structure and operate with great precision. We can confidently say that our doctor, Dr. Min Choi, is a plastic surgeon who qualifies in every aspect.

Good Candidates for Men’s Rhinoplasty

Patients with the following conditions are highly recommended to undergo Male Rhinoplasty. If you are still deciding, you can start by booking an online consultation with us to know if you are eligible for the procedure.

  1. Patients with a low nose bridge that makes the nose look flat.
  2. Patients with a crooked nose that makes the nose bridge look asymmetrical.
  3. Patients who have a humped nose and want a straighter and smoother nose bridge line.
  4. Patients with facial asymmetry because of a crooked nose due to genetics or acquired by external factors.
  5. Patients who are unsatisfied with their previous nose surgery and want to have more depth and dimension on their face.

Men’s Rhinoplasty Surgery Details

Men’s Rhinoplasty

Why Choose Answer Plastic Surgery?

Answer Plastic Surgery invests in advanced diagnostic equipment to help the plastic surgeon make the appropriate measurements when making a personalized plan for the patient. At Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic, we help you understand the surgery better so you can decide whether you want to undergo a nose job procedure in Korea. Here, at Answer Plastic Surgery, we also use silicone implants in combination with more advanced surgical techniques for Rhinoplasty Surgery for men.

Men’s Rhinoplasty

1. Customized Implants

Answer Plastic Surgery offers our patients a unique feature wherein customized implants and suitable cartilage are used for Men’s Rhinoplasty. We provide various choices of implants and optimize our options depending on the patient’s condition. For more detailed information on the different kinds of implants used, check our page on Rhinoplasty.

We carefully assess if our patients need a combination of different materials and choose what type helps to obtain better results. We also consider the face’s aesthetic and functional aspects before recommending what is best for the patient.

2. Precise Surgical Incisions Made with Micro-Surgical Instruments

Dr. Choi expertly minimizes the appearance of scars after surgery by utilizing micro-surgical instruments that can hold suture threads precisely and make it easier to perform delicate suturing in such a narrow area. This device is used for externally exposed scars, tissue transplantation, and suturing inside the nose to achieve the best results.

Men’s Rhinoplasty

3. A Harmonized and Proportional Overall Appearance

Answer Plastic Surgery prioritizes our patients’ preferences and recommends the best methods to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Setting realistic and achievable expectations is also essential to producing better results. We guarantee your overall nose shape and nose bridge line balance your overall facial features, making you look more natural and attractive.

4. Affordable and cost-effective surgical procedures

Answer Plastic Surgery offers the most reasonable price for Men’s Rhinoplasty procedure. The cost starts at 5,500 USD,  including surgery, anesthesia, and facility equipment fees. However, the treatment’s overall price depends on the surgery’s complexity and length and the patient’s condition.  

5. Answer’s “Safe-Hospital” System

Answer Plastic Surgery utilizes an optimized anesthetic system, where most procedures are done under sedation to numb the pain and decrease the patient’s discomfort during and after surgery. Emergency medicines and medical devices are also on standby during surgery in our fully equipped facility.

6. Quality Recovery Management System

Answer Plastic Surgery ensures fast recovery and high satisfaction with our differentiated aftercare system. Click here to check how to prepare before and after your surgery with the help of our aftercare treatment package.

Before & After Answer’s Men’s Rhinoplasty

Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty
Men’s Rhinoplasty

Check out more of Answer Plastic Surgery’s excellent results on our Youtube Channel! Experience the change you deserve. With Answer Plastic Surgery, successful outcomes are guaranteed so you can focus on your recovery.


For women, a curvy smooth nose line with a slightly lifted nose tip is preferred. However, when there is too much curviness in a man’s nose line, it may seem to appear too feminine and unnatural causing an imbalance in the male’s facial features. Here, at Answer Plastic Surgery, we focus on performing accurately and precisely coinciding with the patient’s aesthetic goals and facial measurements. An ideal nose shape for a man involves making the nose line straighter and more defined to create a more masculine look.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we create a strong and solid nose line support with suitable autologous cartilage or a customized implant during men’s rhinoplasty. Through this method, nose distortion or bending is prevented even after a severe impact. However, we highly discourage any form of heavy exercise or strenuous activities for 1 month after surgery until the nasal implant inserted on the nose has completely adhered. However, if there are no problems seen 2 weeks after your surgery, you can perform daily activities such as jogging or yoga. Check out how to take care of your nose after your surgery on our page on Rhinoplasty Aftercare Tips.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Min Choi not only focuses on the aesthetic part of performing plastic surgery but also emphasizes improving the functional aspects of the nose. As Dr. Min Choi assesses your condition during the consultation, he will also include in your rhinoplasty treatment plan, the necessary procedures to rectify any structural and functional distortion; such as an enlarged inferior nasal conchae, which can cause nasal congestion, to make your breathing much easier.

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Men’s Rhinoplasty

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