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Botox – Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

Botox treatment has been one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world for decades. So much so, that a lot of people, men, and women alike, are very familiar with or have had the treatment. Today, flawless skin is the goal of many because of how the Koreans have popularized the glass skin.

However, having lines and wrinkles in the face cannot easily be eliminated by massages and skincare no matter what they claim. Lines and wrinkles, especially moderate to severe ones, need the intervention of treatments like the ever-popular Botox. 

Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

What is Botox?

Botox is a registered brand of Clostridium botulinum toxin A, which is a drug that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic and medical uses. It comes in a powder form that the doctor mixes with a saline solution before being administered in a patient.

The injection hinders the nerves to send signals to the muscles, which in turn stops the muscles from contracting and tightening. Once the muscles have relaxed, it causes wrinkles to soften. 

Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

The FDA has approved the safety of Botox since the 1980s, and from then on, it has been used to eliminate lines and wrinkles in the face. It is often also used to treat medical conditions such as lazy eye, excessive sweating, and migraines, to name a few. Depending on what the patient requires, there are three different formulations of Botox injections that can be used as of today.

Even though they differ in type, all three injections have the same active ingredient, which is the botulinum toxin A. The three types of formulation of botulinum toxin injections are: Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. 

Benefits of Botox             

The most common benefits of Botox are for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. People can benefit from this treatment through its ability to eliminate moderate to severe lines and wrinkles in the face resulting in a more youthful appearance. Another benefit is its safety since it is FDA approved for decades. Other than the aesthetic benefits this treatment brings, unbeknown to some is that it also has medical benefits. Botox can treat medical conditions such as the following: 

  •   Cervical dystonia– a condition wherein the neck muscles contract and causes them to twitch and turn in uncomfortable positions. 
  •  Lazy eye– a condition wherein the muscles are imbalanced for the positioning of the eye.
  • Muscle contractures– these are neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, and Botox injections can help in relaxing the contracting muscles. 
  • Hyperhidrosis– a condition in which a person sweats excessively 
  •  Chronic migraine– Botox can help reduce the frequency of migraines. 
  •  Eye twitching- Botox can relieve the twitching muscles in the eye area. 

Botox procedure

Most people think that administering Botox is an easy task for doctors, but it requires skill, knowledge, and precision. There are 43 muscles in the face, and with proper education, a board-certified plastic surgeon should be able to know which muscles they can administer with the botulinum toxin.

The wrinkles producing muscles should be the only ones weakened by the toxin to maintain the natural appearance of facial expressions.

 The duration of the procedure only takes 15-20 minutes and does not need anesthesia. However, if desired, the patient can have topical anesthesia with the doctor’s consent. The steps of a Botox treatment are as follows: 

Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

1. Since the botulinum toxin is in powder form, the doctor and his staff will mix this with the right amount of saline solution. 

2. Once they have combined the formulation, they insert the toxin in a disposable syringe.

3. Before they administer the injectable, the area to be treated is cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. 

4. Using micro needles attached to a syringe, small amounts of Botox are then injected in the treatment area. 

Botox Before and After

Undergoing a Botox treatment can guarantee you a good result as long as it is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the right knowledge and skill in performing the procedure. As seen in the before and after pictures below, you could visibly see the dramatic changes that Botox has brought about in the faces of the patients.

The treatment has fully improved their appearance, making it more youthful and smoother. It is a much noteworthy treatment to undergo, especially for the first patient since the results are much more commendable when seen on older patients. This is because more mature generations tend to have more severe lines and wrinkles, and given that Botox was able to eliminate its severity shows that the treatment is, in fact, effective and promising. 

Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

Overall, Botox has been trusted by a lot of people for several decades around the globe. It is considered as one of the most immediate treatments for lines and wrinkles as well as for medical treatment of other bodily issues. With the different types of formulation using the botulinum toxin A, proper treatment can be administered depending on the patients’ situation. However, this treatment requires maintenance sessions for its effect to be visible continually.

For people who are too busy with the process and downtime that anti-aging surgical procedures require, this treatment is a great option to consider. Even though it has approval from the FDA and is safe to use for medical and cosmetic purposes, it is still a must that you look for a board-certified doctor with exemplary expertise on Botox and plastic surgery. This is because there are only specific muscles in the face that should be administered with the toxin to maintain the natural expressions of a person. 

If you have always wanted to get rid of those wrinkles that have been making you look older than you are, and skincare has not been helping, then a Botox treatment is especially for you. Have your Botox treatment only at the best clinics in Korea or contact Seoul Guide Medical through our website and let us take you to the best clinics with the best doctors in South Korea. 


For whom is Botox most recommended for?

Botox treatment is most recommended for both men and women who want to get rid of facial wrinkles, especially in the forehead, eyes, nasolabial area, nose, and mouth. Consequently, Botox injections are mostly recommended to the following individuals: 
Those with jaw muscles that are too developed
Those who experience discomfort from body odor due to excessive sweating 
Those who are in good mental and physical health 
Those who have realistic expectations on the results of the procedure
To ensure that you are qualified for a Botox treatment, it is important to consult your doctor first before undergoing the procedure. 
Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

How long does Botox last?

One treatment of Botox can usually last up to 3-6 months. When the results start to wear off, you will be able to see that the lines and wrinkles are gradually becoming visible again. Once this happens, you can have another treatment where your doctor will adjust the Botox dosage. 

Is there any age requirement for Botox? 

The usual age requirement for a person to undergo a Botox treatment is 18 years old and above. For those who desire to have the treatment and are younger than the allowed age, parent’s consent is required. 

Botox - Quick Facts You Should Know About Botox in Korea

neck lifting surgery woman holding her neck

Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery – Types, Costs & information

Neck lifting surgery has been considered one of the most effective anti-aging procedures that gets rid of sagging neck. The neck area has always been ignored, thus causing an imbalance with the appearance of the face.

Just like they always say, whatever you do or put on your face, you should also do or put on your neck because the neck is an extension of the face. This area can also be considered as a way to tell the age of the person due to it being saggy and wrinkly as we age.

Getting a neck lift can help a lot in rejuvenating your neck area, but before you decide on getting that much needed neck lift, here are the types of techniques used in the procedure, the cost of the surgery and additional information on this type of cosmetic surgery.

neck lifting surgery woman holding her neck

What is a Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery, also known as lower rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery that involves techniques and procedures that fix problems regarding wrinkles and sagging skin in the neck area which may be caused by aging, weight gain, or genetics.


There are two types of techniques used when getting a neck lift cosmetic surgery depending on the extent and cause of the sagging in the neck area. The two types of neck lift surgery are the cervicoplasty and the platysmaplasty.

1) Cervicoplasty

A cervicoplasty technique focuses mainly on removing excess skin in the neck area. This technique is meant for people whose wrinkly and saggy looking neck is only caused by the skin. This is why this technique is mostly used on younger people. Usually, when this technique is used, the incision are made under the chin and behind the ears.

2) Platysmaplasty

This technique is considered as more extensive since it is the type responsible for the reconstruction of the muscles, and sometimes the removal of excess skin as well, in the neck area called the platysma.

The platysma muscle is divided into the left and right platysma which meets in the middle of the neck. As we age, the fibers connecting the left and right platysma as well as the fibers connecting to the skin weakens and loses their elasticity, thus resulting in a saggy and wrinkly neck.


Qualifications to Undergo Neck Lift Surgery

Just like any plastic surgery procedure, there are qualifications to be followed in order to make sure that the patient is capable of undergoing the surgery. You are a candidate for a neck lift surgery if:

  • You have wrinkles, creases and sagging skin on your neck
  • You have loose skin
  • You want to improve and define your jawline
  • You have a turkey neck or more commonly called as double chin
  • You have good overall mental and physical health

On the other hand, people who are not qualified for a neck lift surgery are the following individuals:

  • Those who are obese and have a more complex neck anatomy because of too much fat
  • Those who have accumulated fat in the neck area which could be solved by liposuction and not a neck lift surgery
  • Those who have poor mental and physical health
  • Those who are frequent smokers
  • Those who have unrealistic expectations of the results of the procedure

Necklift Procedure and Result

A neck lift surgery is just like any cosmetic surgery; it requires ample preparation. Before you can proceed with the surgery, you should first have a consultation with your doctor so that he will know what issues he will be dealing with.

The consultation is also important since it is the time wherein you will know if you are qualified for the procedure based on the qualifications stated above and the analysis of your doctor. The consultation stage is where you will also be informed on how the procedure will be done, the methods and techniques to be used, the expected result, as well as the risks involved in the procedure. On the day of the surgery, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Consent; before the proper surgery starts, it is a must the clinic lets you sign a consent form that states that you agreed to have the surgery, that you are well informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure. It is important that you communicate to your doctor your questions and concerns before signing the form.

2. Anesthesia; general anesthesia and local anesthesia with sedation are both safe for the procedure. It is a matter of personal preference as to which one you will pick depending on what you and your doctor have discussed.

3. Incision; before the surgeon makes an incision under your chin and behind your ears, the area is first cleaned with an antiseptic in order to avoid infection.

neck lifting result


  • The surgeon makes an incision under the area of the chin
  • He also makes an incision behind each ear
  • The skin is lifted upwards until the excess skin becomes visible
  • The surgeon then cuts the excess skin
  • Once the excess skin is cut, the remaining skin is draped back to the neck
  • The surgeon then stitches the incisions that were made


  • The surgeon makes an incision under the area of the chin
  • He also makes an incision behind each ear
  • The skin is lifted upwards until the excess skin becomes visible
  • The surgeon then cuts the excess skin
  • Once the excess skin is cut, the remaining skin is draped back to the neck
  • The surgeon then stitches the incisions that were made

4. Result; once the incisions have been closed, your neck will be wrapped in a light bandage. In some instances, a tube may be placed in the area of the surgery in order to drain excess fluids.

After the procedure, an improvement on the neck area can be noticed immediately even though the full setting may take about 6-12 months. As seen on the before and after pictures below, the results are commending and effective since you could see the huge difference after the procedure has been done. With both patients, the neck area looks rejuvenated and firm making them look much more youthful as well.

With all the anti-aging procedures in the field of plastic surgery, neck lift surgery is considered as one of the most effective solution to sagging skin on the neck which delivers instant results.

Through the two types of techniques, namely, cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty, the patient and the surgeon has an option as to which technique should be used on him or her based on the extent of the problem. Not only is this procedure meant for people who are in the mid and latter stages of life because there is a technique that can also be used for younger people who have minor sagging in the neck area.

The cost for this procedure may be considered as expensive, but guaranteed results under the supervision of South Korean plastic surgeons gives you the worth of your money.

No matter how effective the procedure may be, it should always be remembered that even though we have these procedures to turn back the clock, it will still move forward and the aging process will still continue, thus a repeat procedure may be inevitable.

Necklift Cost

Neck lift surgery procedures in South Korea are much less expensive as compared to the US. This is because of the fact that in South Korea, there is something they call as the “perfect competition” because of the huge number of plastic surgery clinics that offer to give you the perfect result at a low price.

When you have the procedure done in South Korea, the neck lift surgery costs around USD $3,000- USD $5,000. However, the price may still vary depending on the surgeon’s skill and experience, the techniques and methods used, the anesthesia administered, size of the area to be operated on, and additional procedures that the patient may prefer or request.

Rates may also vary for locals and foreigners because of the extra resources used for foreign patients like translators and special consultations.