Fat Grafting Surgery In Korea, How Fat Grafting Works

Fat grafting is when excess fat is taking from your own body and that fat is injected into other areas of the body which lack volume. Usually fat is injected into the face, breasts or buttock but can be injected into other areas as well.

Fat Grafting procedure requires a lot of skill and dedication and so not all general plastic surgeons are qualified to perform this procedure. Dr. Choi Min has spent over 15 years perfecting his fat grafting techniques and is an expert. Normally, patients with creases or sunken areas get fat grafts done as it provides more permanent corrections than done by temporary fillers and the cost is reasonable.

-More Reasons to get Fat  Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting may also help contour your body, revise scars and rejuvenate your hands and face. It is used for breast reconstruction and to contour the breasts as well. Fat grafting can be used to enlarge the breasts but this currently has a lower success rate than breast implants. to you, please consult with your aesthetic plastic surgeon.


Fat Grafting Surgery In Korea, How Fat Grafting Works
Fat Grafting Surgery In Korea, How Fat Grafting Works


Fat is taken from your body (often the outer thigh) and then processed and purified. Dr. Choi Min will then delicately inject that fat with a special tooth in the needed areas.

The removal of the fat is done with a cannula syringe which is used to extract fat. This is also known as liposuction. After processing, the fat cells are transferred to small syringes and purification occurs by centrifuge and a filtration process to remove impurities. The fat is then reinserted carefully to create a natural look. Fat may be taken from the abdomen, love handles (flanks), thighs, hips or posterior arms.

Fat Grafting Surgery In Korea, How Fat Grafting Works


There is a small scar from the liposuction procedure at the fat donor area. However, this is a tiny scar which is hard to see even if you are looking for it. There is no visible scar at the injection area where you receive the fat.


Each case is different. most patients experience a fat survival rate of 50-80%. Some patients undergo only 1 procedure while others come back before the 2 month mark for a touch up. Dr. Choi Min includes the touch up at no extra charge if needed within 2 months. This guarantees you are stress and worry free for this procedure.

Contact Answer Plastic Surgery and have an On-line consultation. We will honestly tell you what is best for you and we always provide reasonable pricing. You will have access to our native English speaking department and we will be with you every step of the way.

Fat Grafting Surgery In Korea, How Fat Grafting Works
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