Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure At Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea

Procedure(s): Rhinoplasty consultation

Patient Background: of English descent and living in Korea

Details: Answer Plastic Surgery is a top-rated doctor in Seoul, Korea. This case study takes you through what a typical consultation for Rhinoplasty (nose job) is like.

This patient is a well known Youtube star in Korea who originally stems from England. Upon arrival, he first filled out a patient information form with the English translator.

A preliminary consultation was done in a private room with a manager who gathered more details about what kind of nose he wanted to have done. The patient was then taken to see Dr. Choi Min who heard his concerns, took mathematical measurements and high definition photos. Those photos were then uploaded to the imaging system where the doctor and the patient design the nose together following mathematical proportions to provide balance and symmetry.

This kind of consultation takes more time than a simple paper design, which most doctors in Korea do. The reason many doctors don’t want to spend the time doing a design process with the patient is that they are more money driven and want to fill up their days with as many surgeries as possibles.

“Doctors are not robots. They are humans” :). If you fill up your day with 4-6 surgeries then mistakes will happen out of sheer exhaustion.

Dr. Choi Min’s philosophy is different as we take a maximum of 2 surgeries per day per doctor to ensure quality control to the highest degree. This is why our doctors spend as much time as you need during the consultation process.

Once the patient is satisfied with the design of his nose, Dr. Choi Min explains more details about what kinds of surgical procedures will be necessary to achieve that look and before and after photos are shown of similar cases done by the doctor. We have a large database of before and after photos but we don’t post most of them On-line due to privacy concerns. However, when you are in our clinic, we will show you before and after photos of cases similar to yours and explain how their procedures were performed.

Answer Plastic Surgery has the highest technology and the best modern techniques for plastic surgery in the world. This ensures that all procedures are done in the safest and best way to achieve the results you want.  Once the patient is ready, the patient talks with the manager again to arrange for a surgery date and to discuss the price.

Rhinoplasty procedures can be done as long as the patient has not eaten or drank anything within 8 hours. This is why it is a good idea to schedule your surgery in the morning so you don’t feel so hungry or thirsty. Our attention to detail is another reason why so many international patients choose us as their plastic surgery provider. We take care of you every step of the way.

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*Fill out the patient registration form

*Measurements, photos and consulting with the doctor

*Design is done together to get the look you want

*Advice is given and adjustments made

*Booking times and pricing is discussed

Learn more about our clinic: Facebook | Instagram: answerplasticsurgery | 82-10-3641-1465

See a video which shows the consultation process in full:  https://youtu.be/K6SIucE-i6A

Learn more about other medical procedures in Seoul via our partners at: http://facebook.com/seoulguidemedical | http://seoulguidemedical.com | Instagram: seoulguidemedical

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