Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation


Having a balanced, well-proportioned face is an essential part of looking pleasantly good. The nose is situated at the center of our face, so it has a large factor in affecting one’s overall appearance. And because the nose is essentially an important part of the face, many are inclined to want to perfect it, so it would look more attractive and balanced. Unfortunately, some may have wide, broad, humped, or deviated nose bridges that can alter or cause an imbalance in one’s facial features.

Fortunately, there is a procedure that can excise the excess bone for wide and broad nasal bridges and make the nose look much narrower. This is commonly called a wide nose correction surgery which involves an osteotomy, a bone-cutting procedure to realign and reshape the nose bridge. Sometimes, a bridge implant is needed to achieve the desired nose shape, thus the use of cartilages and prostheses.

Altering one’s nose shape by “breaking” the bones and realigning them to the desired shape is not an easy feat. Thus, only a professionally skilled surgeon can handle it, like Dr. Min Choi, the head surgeon of Answer Plastic Surgery.  He has developed finely honed skills including a precise surgical approach to rhinoplasties involving nasal osteotomy and bridge augmentation.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we use the Golden Ratio of Rhinoplasty as a guide to designing the ideal nose that best suits your face. According to this guideline, the ideal nose measurements depend on the angle between one’s nose bridge and forehead, nose tip, and upper lip. The ideal height from the forehead to the nose bridge measures at a 115° ~ 130° angle. And between the nose tip and the upper lip, the ideal angle is at 95° ~ 100°. Through accurate measurements and our 3D Virtual Simulation, Dr. Choi provides a before-and-after image of your nose during the consultation to give you a better understanding of the procedure and an overview of the surgery. Dr. Choi will extensively analyze your condition in a systematic way where successful results are achieved.

Wide Nose Bridge Correction: What is it & How it Works

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

A wide nose is usually characterized by a low, broad nasal bridge which affects the overall balance of the face, especially the eyes as it causes them to look farther apart. With the right method and the expertise of the surgeon, a wide or broad nose can be reshaped to look more natural and thus resolving the asymmetry of one’s overall appearance.

There are several factors to take note of when performing a wide nose bridge correction, such as the width of the nasal base, anatomical structure of the nose, elasticity and thickness of the skin, and the desired nose shape. Once our plastic surgeon has evaluated you, the surgical plan will be customized according to your preference and our surgeon’s assessment. If you have a wide nose bridge, an osteotomy is usually performed to reduce the sides of the nasal bridge providing you with a more refined look. A carefully performed osteotomy can not only reshape the nasal bone but also realign it to the desired position to achieve optimal results. It is focused on trimming the bone, shortening the length, and eventually repositioning the nasal bone accordingly. For a more detailed show of the procedure, click here and watch one of our short clips on Nose Bridge Correction on our YouTube Channel.

During the procedure, the nose bridge is narrowed down on each side, and occasionally an implant is inserted for those who need a higher nose bridge. And since the anatomical facial structure is different between men and women, the desired nose width to balance out one’s features may also vary. For example, women are recommended to have 10mm of nose width while men are to have 13mm. However, this only serves as a guide, as it may change during the consultation once the surgeon has evaluated your face and considered your preferences.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

Nose Bridge Augmentation: What is it & How it Works

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

Nose Bridge Augmentation is a procedure that involves inserting implants into the nasal bridge to increase its height. This procedure is also known as Dorsal Augmentation since it is performed in the nose’s dorsum. It is usually recommended for those who have a lower nose bridge or deformed nasal bridge that needs straightening or additional height. Answer Plastic Surgery utilizes authentic and durable implants ensuring their longevity.

There are several types of implants available for use, such as silicon, Gore-Tex, and cartilage from the ribs or ears. Dr. Min Choi highly recommends using silicone as it effectively brings the desired results and is easily removable if ever a revision surgery is necessary. Answer Plastic Surgery performs two kinds of methods in augmenting the nose bridge. This may either be via an implant or cartilage. For more detailed information on the different kinds of implants and cartilage used, check our page on Rhinoplasty.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

A. Nose Bridge Augmentation via Implant

In most cases, inserting an implant is the easiest and most effective way of increasing the height of one’s nose bridge. The type of implant that will be used during one’s procedure will depend on one’s assessment during consultation. However, silicon is the most widely used material for an implant. A pocket in the nasal tip is created by the surgeon where the implant (silicon or Gore-Tex) is inserted and the nasal bridge is aligned and fixed according to the desired height and shape.

Modern implants are durable and therefore can last a lifetime. Silicon implants are much easier to remove than Gore-Tex implants if ever you wish to remove them.

B. Nose Bridge Augmentation via Cartilage

Nose Bridge Augmentation using cartilage is also possible although not often performed because of its several disadvantages such as the high risk of absorption and warping that may occur. It is also not recommended in most cases due to their poor long-term results. However, in rare cases where cartilage is the better option, rib cartilage is highly recommended to be used to increase the height of the nose bridge. This is because of the robust support they could give to form a sturdy nose bridge.

Why Choose Answer Plastic Surgery?

Answer Plastic Surgery invests in advanced diagnostic equipment to bring more precise and of accurate measurements to aid in developing a personalized plan for the patient and guide the plastic surgeon during the operation. At Answer Plastic Surgery Clinic, a 3D Virtual Simulation is used to view your pre-surgery appearance and what it would look like after the procedure. This helps you understand the surgery better and can be a deciding factor if you do want to undergo a nose job procedure in Korea. Here, at Answer Plastic Surgery, we also used personalized (autologous) cartilages and authentic, durable implants in combination with more advanced surgical techniques.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

1. Customized Implants and Cartilage

A unique feature offered by Answer Plastic Surgery to our patients is the personalized cartilage and implants used for nasal bridge augmentation. We offer various choices of implants and cartilage and optimize our options depending on the condition of the patient’s nose. We carefully assess if our patients need a combination of different prostheses or if one type of prosthesis is enough to obtain natural outcomes. We also consider the nose’s aesthetic and functional aspects before recommending what is best for the patient.

2. Precise Surgical Incisions Made with Micro-Surgical Instruments

Dr. Choi expertly minimizes the appearance of scars after surgery by utilizing micro-surgical instruments that can hold suture threads precisely and make it easier to perform delicate suturing in such a narrow area. This device is used for externally exposed scars, tissue transplantation, and suturing inside the nose to achieve the best results. Then, scars become almost invisible with time.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

3. A Pre-Surgery 3D Visualization of the Nose

Answer Plastic Surgery also offers our patients a three-dimensional simulation of how they would look after undergoing rhinoplasty with us. We can create a more sophisticated treatment plan to provide highly satisfactory results through this.

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

4. A Harmonized and Proportional Overall Appearance

Answer Plastic Surgery prioritizes our patients’ preferences and recommends the best methods to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. It helps when our patients come with realistic expectations to aid us in achieving better outcomes. We ensure that your nose balances your overall facial features, making you look more natural and attractive.

5. Affordable and cost-effective surgical procedures

Answer Plastic Surgery offers the most reasonable price for your nose bridge correction and augmentation procedure. The cost of one procedure starts at 4,000 USD which includes fees for the surgery, anesthesia, and facility equipment. However, the overall price for the treatment depends on how complex the procedure will be, how long the surgery will be, and the patient’s nose condition.  

6. Answer’s “Safe-Hospital” System

Answer Plastic Surgery utilizes an optimized anesthetic system, where nose procedures are done with anesthesia or sedation to numb the pain and decrease the patient’s discomfort during and after surgery. Emergency medicines and medical devices are also on standby during surgery in our fully equipped facility.


7. Quality Recovery Management System

Answer Plastic Surgery ensures fast recovery and high satisfaction with our differentiated aftercare system. Click here to check how to prepare before and after your rhinoplasty surgery with the help of our aftercare treatment package

Nose Bridge Correction & Augmentation General Surgery Details

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

After your surgery, the nose will undergo significant changes in the first 2 to 12 weeks. You will notice significant swelling and bruising in the surgical area. Taping the bridge of the nose and the supra-tip area (the area above the nose tip) can significantly reduce postoperative swelling. Gentle pressure from the tape can help ‘press’ out some of the swellings that result from trapped fluids in the tissues and more importantly, the pressure causes the collagen fibers in the scar tissue to become more organized, and as a result, reduces the volume of the swollen area. The recovery period for this procedure is about 1 week until you can get off all your taping. Check out more aftercare tips on our General Instructions Before And After Nose Surgery page.

Before & After Answer’s Nose Bridge Correction & Augmentation

Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation
Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

Check out more of Answer Plastic Surgery’s excellent results on our Youtube Channel! Experience the change you deserve. With Answer Plastic Surgery, successful outcomes are guaranteed so you can focus on your recovery.


Yes. Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation can be combined with other rhinoplasty procedures such as humped nose removal and crooked nose surgeries.  Upon assessment, Dr. Min Choi will often recommend nose bridge correction and augmentation along with tip plasty during Rhinoplasty. As these procedures are performed together, the desired results can be easily achieved.

Swelling and bruising are natural occurrences after nose jobs. The swelling usually shows after 2 to 3 days post-surgery and will eventually fade. Usually by the end of the second week, the swelling and bruising have subsided enough that the casual observer will not readily notice that the nose has been operated on. To the patient, the nose will look swollen or "puffy" for several months. By about 3 to 4 months, the majority of the swelling will be gone but will look larger in photographs. The swelling gradually dissipates over the first several months and thus the appearance of the nose changes gradually into the desired results. Our Aftercare Treatment Package consists of various services that will help you recover quickly. Check out our General Instructions Before And After Nose Surgery page for more information.

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Nose Bridge Correction and Augmentation

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