These are only some of the plastic surgery procedures available in Seoul, Korea at the top hospitals. Our service is free for the patient and the cost of the surgery is the same if you use our service or not. Using our service will give you peace of mind and make everything easy.


It has been said that 'the eyes are the window to the soul.'

What makes the eyes beautiful is not as subjective as you may think. 

There are mathematical rules which create symmetry and balance between the eyes. Expanding the inner or outer corners of the eye, creating double eyelids, removing and repositioning fats on the upper or lower eyelids can create brighter and more defined eyes.

You can choose either an Incisional or Non-incisional method for your eye procedure. However, you should be aware that the Non-incisional method may not be suitable for everyone. Patients who want permanent results should consider the Incisional surgery option.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, we aim for the best possible results. Dr. Min Choi and his team will help you to achieve the look you want with sincerity and passion.


Rhinoplasty can change the external and internal shape of the nose to make it more beautiful and function better. 

At our clinic, Dr. Choi Min spends his time designing your nose with you under the Golden Ratio of Rhinoplasty guidelines. 

He will take mathematical measurements, look inside the nostrils and have a full understanding of your nose structure.  He will then take HD photos of your face from several angles and upload them to our imaging system, where he designs the final outcome of your look. You will be seeing what the results will look like prior to the surgery, which is a vital part of rhinoplasty. Dr. Choi Min is one of the few doctors in Korea who takes the time to design the nose with you and makes sure you are satisfied with the results before the surgery. Make sure you get the best service from the most experienced doctor.

Face Contouring
Balance and symmetry is naturally perceived as the standard of objective beauty, which is why facial contouring makes a great difference on your overall look. 

Some people benefit more from simple procedures such as Chin Implants or temporary procedures such as Chin Botox.  Fat Grafting is another available procedure in which fat from one body part (often the back of the leg) is processed and placed where necessary. For those who need a change in their bone structure, there are procedures for the cheeks, jaw, chin and all areas necessary for better balance and symmetry. Such procedures demand a high level of calculation, precision, and skill, which is why you must be careful when choosing your doctor. After your consultation with Dr, Choi Min, you will know you are in good hands. Contact us for your free consultation and understand which procedure is best for you.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring involves a series of procedures that eliminate and reduce excess skin and fat in various areas of the body such as arms, chest, and thighs. Body contouring is often done after massive weight loss and in cases where genetics predispose certain areas of your body to store more fat even if you have a healthy weight and exercise often. These procedures improve the look of the areas you want to change. The most common types of procedures include Liposuction and Fat Grafting.


The most effective anti-aging procedures for the face are: Incisional or Thread Face Lifting, Filler and Botox. Fillers and Botox are types of Petite Plastic Surgery that do not require long hours of treatment. The treatment you need depends on your age and skin condition.

 Our aim is to create a natural, youthful look with elastic skin and proper balance.

It is best to have a consultation with us to see which treatment will bring you the best results. Anti-aging procedures have some of the highest satisfaction rates out of all plastic surgery procedures.