Timothy Wehbe visited Answer Plastic Surgery Korea for Fat Grafting on the forehead and Rhinoplasty and Fat Repositioning under the eyes procedures.

This Vlog takes you through the first 3 days of Youtube Star Edward Avila’s Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Korea at Answer Plastic Surgery. Edward had the following procedures are done on his nose:

Coco brought her mom to see Answer Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Choi Min through Seoul Guide Medical. Coco’s mom wanted to look younger and was worried about her eyes drooping down which was also causing forehead wrinkles (as you need to use your forehead to open saggy eyes more).

The We Fancy stars Xander (formerly known as Bapmokja) and Haeppy come to have their first plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Choi at Answer Plastic Surgery and to learn about plastic surgery in Korea.

At Answer Plastic Surgery, Edward Avila received Lip Filler procedure done by Dr. Choi. Lip filler has to be done by the professional surgeon, and Dr. Choi has been working as a plastic surgery surgeon over ten years.

Fashion Vlogger from Germany came to Seoul, South Korea to get a consultation and rhinoplasty and fat grafting procedures with Dr. Choi.

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