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We are a government approved plastic surgery clinic located right next to Gangnam Station in Seoul, Korea. Founder and head doctor, Dr. Choi Min has been a plastic surgeon for over 15 years with a 100% safety record. Answer Plastic Surgery believes in quality of quantity and so we perform a maximum of 2 surgeries per day per doctor. This focus on quality has attracted a lot of international patients with them making up about 50% of our total patients.


We adhere to a strict 2 surgery per day maximum to ensure quality control for each patient. You will never get a tired or unfocused surgeon. We treat each patient as if they were part of our family and provide a 1 year warranty so you can be sure you are getting the best treatment possible anywhere in the world.

Step by step

How it Works

Step 1: Contact us and you will get an on-line consultation with our native English speaking staff or call us at 82-10-3641-1465.

Step 2: Book an in-person consultation day. The consultation is free of charge. If you wish to book a surgery day, you will need to send in a small deposit to book your surgery time.

Step 3: Our international department staff will greet you once you come and see us and take care of you every step of the way. You make everything easy providing a 1 year warranty on our work so you can rest assured you are getting the best.

Staff Members

Meet Our Team

Dr. Choi Min
Founder & Head Surgeon

Dr. Choi Min is the founder and head doctor at Answer Plastic Surgery. He has over 15 years experiences with a 100% safety record. Patients from around the world trust Dr. Choi Min as the results are outstanding. About 50% of his patients are internationals with 47% of those being based in Korea and 53% of those residing outside of Korea. He speaks English and Korean and is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment.