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Dr. Choi Min has a 100% safety record and has been a plastic surgeon for over 15 years. Answer Plastic Surgery is rated #1 among international patients coming to Korea for plastic or cosmetic surgery and is one of the rare clinics that offers a warranty on its surgeries. Dr. Choi Min only accepts 2 surgeries per day to ensure each patient has the best quality. We have a fully staffed native English speaking department and will help you every step of the way. We are here for you.
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We are a government approved plastic surgery clinic located right next to Gangnam Station in Seoul, Korea. Founder and head doctor, Dr. Choi Min has been a plastic surgeon for over 15 years with a 100% safety record. Answer Plastic Surgery believes in quality of quantity and so we perform a maximum of 2 surgeries per day per doctor. This focus on quality has attracted a lot of international patients with them making up about 50% of our total patients.


Step 1: Contact us and you will get an on-line consultation with our native English speaking staff or call us at 82-10-3641-1465.

Step 2: Book an in-person consultation day. The consultation is free of charge. If you wish to book a surgery day, you will need to send in a small deposit to book your surgery time.

Step 3: Our international department staff will greet you once you come and see us and take care of you every step of the way. You make everything easy providing a 1 year warranty on our work so you can rest assured you are getting the best.


We adhere to a strict 2 surgery per day maximum to ensure quality control for each patient. You will never get a tired or unfocused surgeon. We treat each patient as if they were part of our family and provide a 1 year warranty so you can be sure you are getting the best treatment possible anywhere in the world.


Our team at Answer Plastic Surgery is here to help you every step of the way. We make everything as easy as possible so you can focus on your recover. We are here for you.


Dr. Choi Min

Founder & Head Surgeon

Dr. Choi Min is the founder and head doctor at Answer Plastic Surgery. He has over 15 years experiences with a 100% safety record. Patients from around the world trust Dr. Choi Min as the results are outstanding. About 50% of his patients are internationals with 47% of those being based in Korea and 53% of those residing outside of Korea. He speaks English and Korean and is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment.


Dr. Gun Gon

Head Anesthesiologist

Dr. Gun Gon is our head anesthesiologist and has a strict 1:1 rule which insures total safety. Your anesthesiologist will stay with you throughout your entire procedure. Dr. Gun Gon graduated has advanced degrees from Korea’s top schools in medicine and is certified by the Korean Anesthesiologist Board and several other boards for plastic surgery anesthesiology. You are always in good hands at Answer Plastic Surgery.


Hwang Jihye


Jihye is one of our clinic managers and she will finalize the details of your consultation with the doctor and then go over the results of the consultation with you. The consultation process begins with a member of our international department getting you registered. Then you proceed with the initial consultation with a member of our staff followed by your consultation with the doctor.  Finally, a recap is given and details about dates and pricing is done with our consultant.

최미진 실장4

Choi Mijin


Mijin is one of our two clinic managers and she maybe taking care of you during your visit to Answer Plastic Surgery. Our 3 step consultation system ensures that no mistakes are made during the consultation process to ensure you get everything you want. The final step of your consultation will be with either Jihye or Mijin and our international staff member. We are always here to make things as easy for you as possible so if you need anything, just ask.

정혜진 에스테틱 실장2

Jeong Hyejin

Head Nurse

Hyejin leads a team of nurses at Answer Plastic Surgery who are dedicated to each and everyone one of our patients. Hyejin has years of experience as a nurse and has been a head nurse now for the last 6 years. She will most likely be part of your procedure and after care during your time with us.

김영 간호사2

Kim Yeong

International Patient Nurse

Yeong is our Chinese speaking nurse which handles international patients with a focus on Chinese patients. She graduated at the top of her class and is an excellent nurse who takes care of each patient with respect and kindness. She will most likely be with you during your stay at Answer Plastic Surgery.

김수인 디자이너2

Kim Sooin

Office Manager

Sooin is our office manager and takes care of the behind the scenes paperwork. Each surgery we perform has a lot of paper work to prepare under Korean plastic surgery laws. Sooin insures all international patients are properly processed and all documents are correct so you can be worry free.