Why Choose Us


Answer Plastic Surgery follows a 2 surgery maximum per day which ensures we are always at our peak performance capabilities for each patient. Many plastic surgeons perform up to 5 surgeries per day often working late into the night. The result is more money for the hospital but tired doctors and lower quality leading. Our system ensures our doctors are fresh for each and every patient. This system has lead to higher satisfaction rates at our clinic when compared to other top clinics in Korea. We focus on quality and care as opposed to just monetary gains. You will see this in our consultations as well as you will never be rushed. We treat each patient with care and respect.


Undergoing plastic surgery should be as stress-free as possible so the patient can focus on recovery. With that in mind, we offer a 1 year warranty on our work. Almost all surgical procedures will settle by the 12 month mark which is why we offer such a long warranty on our work. If the results are not as described or there is any problem related to our work, we will provide a corrective procedure(s) at no cost. Although this kind of situation is highly unlikely, it is good to know that we are here for you.


Answer Plastic Surgery (including Dr. Choi Min’s career and all surgeons on staff) has a 100% safety record which has been certified by the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. We are a board certified Korean plastic surgery clinic and Dr. Choi Min has had this 100% safety record for over 15 years. We ensure that you have a 1:1 anesthesiologist, rested doctors and focused staff each and every time. This outstanding record of patient is why so many international patients choose to have their procedures with us. To us, you are not just a financial gain. You are a person with a desire to improve and we are here to help.


Dr. Choi Min believes that no doctor should put financial gain before a patient’s needs. We will honestly consult you and never up-sell you on things that you don’t need. International patients keep coming back to us because we work honestly and produce the best results. Our international patient pricing and Korean patient pricing is the same. Many plastic surgeons increase the price for international patients for a variety of reasons. Our pricing is the same regardless of where you come from. This means you will always get a reasonable price with us and it will often be less expensive than other top level clinics.


Perhaps the top reason to choose Answer Plastic Surgery is that we produce results. Our entire system from consultation to surgery is set up to produce the best results possible. You will not find another clinic producing the kinds of results we produce. Amongst plastic surgery clinics, we have the lowest rate of customer complaints in Korea for a reason. Our patients are happy with their results. We believe that doing it right the first time is the best policy.