Alar Reduction

Alar Reduction Procedure In Korea

What is Alar Reduction?

Alar Reduction, also known as Nostril Reduction or Alarplasty, is designed to reduce the size of the nostril. The alar width is closely related with both the frontal view of the nose tip and the outline of the nostril. Thus, it plays a very important role in rhinoplasty.

The goal of this procedure is to enhance the shape of the nose by adjusting the nostrils from its original circular shape to an oval shape.

Downward Pointing Tip Correction

Alar Reduction is Recommended…

  • when the nasal column is not visible from the side due to large alars
  • when the side of your nose is larger
  • when the alars are larger compared to the nasal column (arrowhead-like nose)
  • when alars are larger compared to the nose tip
  • when the nostrils are visibly large (wide nostrils)
  • when you feel dissatisfaction with your current nose shape

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, people do get scars around the mouth and nose after the operation. However, at Answer Plastic surgery, we use our ultra-fine equipment when suturing to minimize the scars. Over time, the scar will become unnoticeable.

When people do not have enough alar tissue cells, it is difficult to have an alar base surgery. In this case, those who have large nostrils often choose to reduce their nostrils.

Alar lifting is recommended for those whose have droopy alars. When the alars are sagging compared to the nasal column (the section between the nostrils), nostrils seem to be exposed. By lifting the alars, the amount of exposure can be reduced.

Details of the alar reduction procedure

Alar Reduction

Surgery Time: 30 ~ 40 Minutes

Anesthesia: Local with Sedation (deep sleep)

Removing stitches: after 7 days

After surgery check-ups: 3 ~ 4 Sessions

Recovery time to daily activity: None (No effect on daily activities)

Alar Reduction Before & After

Alar Reduction

Facts about this procedure

Alar Reduction

Alar Reduction

This process is done when the side of the nose is larger. It is important to have a consultation with an experienced surgeon as the result may differ depending on the shape of the nostril.

Alar Reduction

Nostril Reduction

Nostril reduction is carried out when one’s nostrils appear to be wide. It is important to get operated by a professional surgeon to minimize getting scarred on the mouth area. With a wide variety of experience, Answer Plastic Surgery will give you the best result.

Alar Reduction

Alar Lifting

Alar lifting is done for those whose alars are sagging. This procedure must be done by who understands clearly the relationship between the nasal column (between the nostrils), nostrils, and alars. The procedure is done inside the nose for the scars to not show.

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